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    Loyalty& Gift Cards

    GetRustica Lounge's Gift Card

    Rustica Lounge offers hard-copy and digital gift cards to celebrate every occasion. Please call us to purchase a gift in the dollar amount of your discretion. We will process your request expeditiously and will send the personalized gift card per your preferred method, either via email or by mail.

    Check Your Rustica Card

    Please call 201-313-0802 or email us at admin@RusticaLounge.com


    RusticaLounge's Loyalty Program

    At Rustica Lounge Bar & Restaurant, we are committed to providing our guests with an exceptional dining experience. In gratitude to our customers, we offer a loyalty program that rewards our guests for every visit.

    You are invited to join our free loyalty program to earn points toward discounts and special offers personalized for you.

    For joining Rustica Lounge’s Loyalty Rewards Program, you will automatically receive a one-time credit of 100 points on your account.

    Once a member, you will earn one point for every $1 you spend at Rustica Lounge. As you accumulate points, you will be able to reduce your bill by the redeemable rewards’ dollar amount, as outlined below. In addition, you will receive personalized offers, including limited-time giveaways, menu specials and announcements of our events.

    Rewards are as follows:

    >500 points equals a $25 discount
    >1,000 points equals a $75 discount
    >1,500 points equals a $150 discount

    Please note that points cannot be redeemed toward gratuity-tips for service.